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Zaba House Escape Game

Zaba House Escape

Zaba House Escape is a daring new point and click animal rescue escape game given-off by Zooo Games for an awesome new adventure and an unexpected rescue attempt as well!

Deep in the swampy forest, there is a lone house which had all of your curiosity ever since you were a boy. It looked a bit functional too if given the time to renovate it. But the owners decided to abandoned it long ago. Today however, you had nothing to do so, you enter the place headed to the direction of the lone abandoned house. As you came closer to the place, you were greeted by unexpected things indeed!

There were frogs in the area, and some of them can actually speak! What in the world!? it is very unusual and terrifying. But you decided to hear them out and what they are going to say. They said that their family member is stuck inside the house and they couldn’t get him out for they were too tiny. Okay then, this is a human structure, and only a human can break into it easily. Now, will you help the creatures here then and rescue their family member inside this abandoned home? Good luck now, and remember to keep your eyes peeled, yo don’t know what sort of treasures are here whatsoever. Have fun!

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Walkthrough for Zaba House Escape

Still can't get what you needed to find here? You can watch the video below then, to see what you have been missing through the game!

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