The Ritual Game

The Ritual

The Ritual is a daring new point and click summoning escape game brought to you by Mouse City and Carmel Games for an exciting new adventure and a scary fun!

You guys are currently in a dilemma today, for your teacher is checking your English tests which you both expect that you’re going to flunk it. But, one of you actually has a plan to turn this around! He actually got ancient book from a toon guy which contains a spell that will summon a demon from hell, to a tomb and on this dimension. The demon will do the bidding to the one who released it. Because of this, we can definitely tell that demon to provoke our Ms. Rage our teacher to give us an A+!

Whoa! Some plan, but for this to work we need three things for the ritual. Will the both of you be able to retrieve these things for the spell? Good luck.

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