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The Locker Scientist House 1 Game

The Locker Scientist House 1

Thank you for selecting this game here for fun and excitement! The Locker Scientist House 1 is an exciting point and click investigative escape game developed by the Enagames Studios, enjoy this first game of the series called The locker and use all of your cleverness for a successful result.

A bomb have just been created as ordered by the secretary general, but it ain’t just a normal bomb, it is a highly toxic explosive that if dropped, will create a plume of smoke that will eradicate anything organic that it comes across. Looks like a diabolical plan to expunge the enemies right? Well, it ain’t for the enemies however, but for the nearby village! The secretary general wants a piece of the gold from this village, and he just wants all of it for himself. So he decided to drop a toxic bomb on them to make his dangerous point.

Now, he already killed four of the five scientists who he asked to make the bomb. One was held hostage for his safety assurance. This can potentially be a huge problem in the future on a worldwide scale. So as a detective, you are to investigate this general secretary’s secret plan quick so you can foil it and of course, rescue the scientist for only he can stop the bomb or provide a counter measure if worst-case scenario happens. Are you ready to play the detective to save an entire village and possibly the world? Good luck now and have fun!

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Walkthrough for The Locker Scientist House 1

Can't figure-out what needs to be done in-order to finish the game? You might want to try the video below to see what you have been missing all along.

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