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Save The King Lion Game

Save The King Lion

Save The King Lion is a daring point and click dark wilderness rescue escape game developed by Wow Escape for more fun rescue adventures here in a dark scary place.

The devil forest is definitely ruthless and dark, nobody really goes there for not everyone who enters will be able to escape and who knows what will happen to the next person who enters this dangerous and eerie forest. Luckily at the entrance of the forest, there is a mythical being which was in the form of a lion and only has a sole purpose of not allowing anyone to pass into the forest. The lion is a being of light and the people calls it the king lion and was regarded as a protector, but one day however, something happened to the king lion which made the chief of the nearby village to do something quite unthinkable.

Hanson who was the chief of that nearby village saw it with his own eyes that the king lion was moving along the borders when suddenly, a dark force appeared from the forest and took the king lion with it! This is not good, for the king lion is the only protector here, which means the darkness will start to consume a wider area and that might take the village too! Hanson needs to rescue the king lion as a debt to repay for protecting his people and also, to bring back balance here. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure with Hanson and see if you can save the king lion from the devil forest? Good luck then and stay alert!




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Walkthrough for Save The King Lion

Are you having a hard-time with the game? Check the video below then, spot more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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