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River Mud House Escape Game

River Mud House Escape

Thank you for selecting this game here escape players, now have fun! River Mud House Escape is a daring point and click rescue escape game developed by Avm Games for an exciting adventure and a thrilling rescue attempt.

As Brent does his chores outside his home, he heard a faint voice saying, “What do you want from me!?”. At first Brent did not acknowledge it until, there was a second scream which sounded very concerning then. Okay, because this forest is quite silent, you really can’t out-hear a human voice twice. So, Brent went to check-out where the voice is coming from. He found where it came but to his surprise, he found something truly shocking.

There was a house at the riverbank which Brent never really knew existed. And that’s not all, Brent also saw a witch that is dragging a girl which where the voice is actually coming-from and then BANG! The door slammed shut and Brent is just speechless. After a while, the witch came-out of the house and walked-away. Okay now, Brent still knows the girl is still conscious, and he couldn’t just stand-by and do nothing. Brent will have to try and break-in through the locks of the door and get the girl as quickly as he can before that hag returns. Escape players, will you ever decide in rescuing the damsel in-distress as well? Good luck and enjoy the game!

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Walkthrough for River Mud House Escape

Are you currently experiencing a bit of a trouble through the obstacles of the game? You can always try the video below and see a few hidden clues along the way.

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