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Rescue Man From Sneaky Game

Rescue Man From Sneaky

Rescue Man From Sneaky is an exciting point and click wilderness rescue escape game developed by Mirchigames! Enjoy another rescue adventure here and see if you can accomplish it successfully.

Louie got quite bored that early evening, and the things he do can be a little extreme when he is bored, but this time, he decided to just take a stroll around the forest in the dead of darkness, still pretty extreme though, but Louie have already done this and he even knows a few secret spots around the place. But on that night as he roams around the forest however, he came across a situation which he did not expect at all.

Louie heard a screaming person! And when he got to the place where the sound is coming from, he came to find that the screaming was coming from a man who needs help with a snake problem, there was a cobra in-front of him, but he can’t make any movements especially running-away, for that cobra is the exact one that the people here avoids. It has some strange ability to suddenly leap and bite that certain someone in such a long distance, and that man is currently within it. The notorious snake isn’t about to back-down now and who knows when it’ll turn and become aggressive, it’s just too risky to dash-away. Escape players, care to try this game here with Louie and see if you can rescue that troubled man? Go ahead then and good luck, don’t forget to have lots of fun as well!

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Walkthrough for Rescue Man From Sneaky

Having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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