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Red Wall Cat Escape Game

Red Wall Cat Escape

Red Wall Cat Escape is a daring new point and click animal house rescue escape game produced by Avm Games for an awesome new adventure and a necessary rescue attempt to solve.

One day, you were desperately looking for your pet cat all-over the neighborhood. It is so unlikely that she hasn’t return from her occasional journeys around the area, and this is practically getting you worried. You asked other neighbors to call you if they ever spot her and maybe found her in their midst. But still, no such luck after a long time.

At some point in the neighborhood however, you came to pass by a huge red brick house which looks new to you and you have no idea whoever lives in there. But as you peeked-in you saw and heard the most shocking thing you have ever seen! You saw your cat trapped in a cage inside the house! And oh my gosh, why in the world is your cat there!? It really confuses you and all, but as for your first instinct, you wanted to rescue your cat as fast as you can and besides, nobody is home anyways no matter how you tried to call somebody out. Will you be able to get your cat out of her entrapment? If you can, then keep your cat indoors and stay away from whoever lives in that red wall house. Good luck!


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