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Melting-Mindz is a browser game developer who is with Selfdefiant, another developer who produces for three others and this one here, is one of them. Want to know more? Well, we can provide you a few information and if you’re intrigued of these two developer’s partnership, then you have come to the right place escape player! Now, let us first shed some light in the game designs this one offers. As a standard and a basic one from them, they produce reality-picture based and as you can see, they go to different places most especially tropical areas around the world. They do all this since 2007, and man! It’s a hill-climb just to get to the state they are currently at. Due to that, they have continued to correct their standards until they arrived to their current one today as their guide on operating as well. As one of the unique standards this one do, they also have some sort of companion through most of their productions. That companion is no other than detective Sneaky! He can be found on most of their escape/retrieval games and don’t worry, he’s friendly, and would like to request your assistance in finding stuff on different locations, escapes, and most of all, traveling around the world. Haven’t tasted the fun from this one yet? Well, why not fulfill what you need and try these on for size. Do you feel us deep in your heart? If you do, then we are proud of you! To the point we shall provide more fun here, at New Escape Games.

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