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Games 2 Jolly, could be the developer and the hosting site that can bring the ‘jolly’ in to you! And probably, if you’re frowning, can bring that frown of yours upside down and on itself. Think you aren’t having fun not knowing who creates some of the games you play? Well let us shed some light to another developer on our list. First revved-up the engine in 2013, this developer have already provided a few escape games for us, but at some point, they changed from a full and sole developer, to a full hosting-site all in all. Well, because we love our escape fans, which is you, we have hid a few in our pockets of fun so you can still have a taste of their creations. Think you are having fun now? Be patient still, for your reading will pay-off as we send you through our abyss of exhilarating fun. As you’ve noticed, this developer does a lot of virtual-art, and those games we just shared to you already answers that. Want some proof? Then search for them here or click them now, for we would greatly appreciate it. Now, as a closing, there are only a few games from them here, but don’t worry, we still have a lot of other escape entertainment here.

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