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Fantasy Pyramid Escape Game

Fantasy Pyramid Escape

Fantasy Pyramid Escape is an exciting point and click Egypt escape game developed by 365 Escape for more fun escape adventures right here with us.

As an adventurer, William goes to different places around the world especially the ancient ones and currently, he is in an Egyptian temple which looks very different than what he had expected. William came to see the entire pyramid was quite technologically sound! That’s really weird, and William found an even weirder thing along the way. There was this being they called the Anubis, with the head of a dog and a body of a human whom they revered as one of the gods through the gateway of death. And William found that being alive and standing while everyone bows at him!

This is one of the most peculiar but amazing finds he had ever come across, technological advancements inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid? Egyptian gods walking around? That’s some find indeed. William is still hidden currently, nobody seems to notice yet that he is spying around and he’d like to keep it that way. Will William be able to find his way out of this place and at the same-time record everything that he is seeing? Good luck then escape players, have fun moving around the Egyptian sands.

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Walkthrough for Fantasy Pyramid Escape

Having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues and objects which you might be able to use on the escape adventure.

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