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Escape Statue House Game

Escape Statue House

Escape Statue House is an exciting point and click item retrieval escape game developed by Avm Games for more fun escape adventures right-here with us!

As a very cunning person, Henry had a very strange and secretive job which is stealing! Well, it’s actually a repossessing job where one steals back what had been stolen from whoever his client is. It is a pretty dangerous job, for not only it should remain a secret, but sometimes Henry comes against very powerful people which can potentially overpower him in a flick of a finger. But still, Henry hadn’t been into that situation yet due to his years of training and experience. One day, Henry got another client which was quite the wealthy one, and the mission he gave him is to retrieve a very valuable statue which got stolen by another powerful person, locking it securely in his own house!

This is definitely one of the daring missions where Henry has to face, but this mission here is high-up on the list and the reward is extravagant! Henry obliged to retrieve the statue as soon as he can, will he be able to get it without too much conflict? You can try the game here with Henry escape players, see if you can retrieve that very valuable statue from the wilderness house where it is locked-in. Good luck!

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Walkthrough for Escape Statue House

Having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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