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Escape The Shield From Colorful House Game

Escape The Shield From Colorful House

Escape The Shield From Colorful House is a daring new point and click item retrieval escape game developed by Online Gamez World! Use your skills on this new game now, for you are to retrieve a valuable ancient artifact from this trendy house here.

In this pink tinted house, you have been given a task to retrieve something that is an ancient shield which resides in this house here. Now, the old man who lives here would not give it up even though the shield is way beyond him. No matter how hard HQ pleads, the guy wouldn’t give-up the shield. And now, time is running-out for the rest of us, we really need that shield now before all is lost.

As you got to the place, your mission now begins! Find the shield as fast as you can before the situation gets pretty dangerous especially for the old guy who lives here. Try to be careful though, for even though the place belongs to a civilian, they are still very capable to set-up traps, alarms, and other stuff that can deter the likes of you. Be careful in finding items here now and try not to break items here and such, we are here to retrieve, not to cause an alarm. Good luck now!

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Walkthrough for Escape The Shield From Colorful House

Having a hard time trying to solve this game? You can always try the video below for a hint throughout the game.

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