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Escape From Phenomenal House Game

Escape From Phenomenal House

Escape From Phenomenal House is a daring new point and click house escape game created by Best Escape Games! Find a way to escape out of this house quickly, before that grouchy old man knows you are even gone!

Your uncle just offered you a job at the postal office and it got you real excited! For the job opening is for a mailman well, not the job it is that your after, but the adventure it will offer!

Your first month on the job, and every-time, it just gets better and better! Well, not until today that you received a package for the grouchiest man in the area living in the most trendiest house of all. Great gods! Why him? Well, you have a job to do so, off you go!

You knocked on the door and found him at his backyard doing something so, you proceededĀ  at the side and at some point you found him gone again! Where? How? Suddenly! The old man pushed you inside the house and locked all the doors! You told him that you’re the mailman and you have come to deliver a package. But, he would not believe and still thinks you are a trespasser! Now that this thing has happened, you must try and find anything you can in this place so you can escape. Well, that at least if he don’t find you first trying to escape! Do it quickly, before he even notices. Good luck!

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