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Escape From Zombie Place Game

Escape From Zombie Place

Escape From Zombie Place is a spooky point and click eerie place escape game developed by Top 10 New Games for more dose of fun escapes here through the scariness!

Dave was feeling a bit restless one evening, so for that to be fulfilled, he decided to enter the cemetery for there is rumored to be one mausoleum there which leads to a complex underground tunnels which the people even the grave-keepers tends to avoid. It’s under lock and key, but as for Dave, he is now an expert lock-picker for he had been to many abandoned places but he is certainly not a house infiltrator or a thief. Dave prepared his gear and in no-time, he is starting to venture through the complex, but unfortunately however, he came to see some things which are not under his expectations.

Dave came to realize that aside from the skeletons scattered in the place, he came to find that there are shambling zombies starting to approach him! And the bad part about it, is that he got lost in the place as well. Dave needs to leave the place right-now for this situation is not really good. Escape players, care to try the spooky escape game here with Dave and see if you can all find the way out of this zombie catacombs? Good luck then everyone, enjoy with us daily.


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Walkthrough for Escape From Zombie Place

Having a hard-time with the game escape players? You can always check the video below, spot more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way.

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