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Distorted Asylum Game

Distorted Asylum

Thank you for trying-out this game here escape players, now have fun! Distorted Asylum is a daring point and click asylum rescue escape game developed by Selfdefiant, and published by Melting-Mindz! Enjoy the rescue attempt and stay alert.

Gil and his girlfriend were quite the couple, they even made the yard of the abandoned spooky asylum nearby as their secret meeting place! What a couple they are, but one day though, everything got pretty serious when they decided to meet again at the abandoned asylum that night. Gil came first and he thought his girlfriend was already there, but there was nobody around the yard but him. Gil waited for hours and still, his girlfriend is nowhere to be found. Where could she be? Says Gil, but everything is going to be answered though after Gil heard a noise inside the asylum.

Gil just found-out that his girlfriend is stuck inside the asylum somewhere! He needs to rescue here no matter what and wherever she is, so escape players, care to try the game here and see if you can find someone inside the scary asylum? Place yourself on Gil then, try your very best to rescue the girl and good luck with the adventure. Have fun!

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Walkthrough for Distorted Asylum

Having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more clues and hidden useful objects which might be useful for the escape and rescue.

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