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Dark Stone Room Escape Game

Dark Stone Room Escape

Thank you for checking-out the game here escape players, enjoy! Dark Stone Room Escape is a daring point and click underground escape game developed by Games 4 Escape for more fun escapes with us here daily.

The stone room is a secret underground catacombs which was once used as a bunker for the war, but even before that the place already exists and is actually quite ancient. Nobody really knows the real purpose of the dark stone room here, but historians and specialist who took a look at the place has an idea what the stone room’s purpose is, and one close analysis that it could have been used as a temple of ritual for who knows what. As of today, the area is still not clearly understood but as a person who loves solving mysteries, Axel planned to discover the place to see what he can find there but unfortunately, he got himself in some real trouble.

Axel got lost in the complexes of the rooms! This is not good now for being lost and trapped in this place could be a start of something bad eventually, that is if he can’t find his way out soon. Escape players, care to try this escape adventure with Axel and see if you can all escape the dark stone rooms? Good luck then everyone, enjoy with us daily.

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Walkthrough for Dark Stone Room Escape

Having quite a hard-time accomplishing the game? You can always check the video below escape players, spot more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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