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Cute Queen Bee Rescue Game

Cute Queen Bee Rescue

Thanks escape players, for checking this game out now, have fun! Cute Queen Bee Rescue is an exciting point and click wilderness rescue escape game developed by Genie Fun Games for another exciting adventure, and an attempt to rescue a royalty in distress.

The queen bee is the one who protects this entire forest with her royal strength and power. She has her army of countless warrior bees and they are all ready to protect her as well as the forest . But today however, all of the queen’s subjects responded to a forest-fire and are currently offering what help they can in-order to stop to fire from spreading. But as the warrior bees and worker ones are busy, they did not foresee what is currently happening to their queen back at their hive!

The queen had an accident and the bottom-point is, she is now trapped inside the hive and is almost running-out of air! Okay, the house is tightly sealed now, for the honey is so sticky, it is actually sticking right through the crevices making the entire hive air-tight. Fortunately for the queen however, another protector of the forest came to pass by, and that is you! Escape players, the worker and warrior bees won’t be coming back so soon and the queen really needs some help right-now so, are you up to rescue the queen bee before the hive becomes here prison? Good luck!

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Walkthrough for Cute Queen Bee Rescue

Is the game quite hard to solve escape players? You can always try the video below and see a few vital clues which you might have missed along the way.

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