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Cute Little Angel Escape Game

Cute Little Angel Escape

Cute Little Angel Escape is an exciting point and click wilderness rescue escape game developed by Michigames for another adventure out into the wilderness and a rescue attempt along the way as well.

Kurt was having a great time strolling across this fantastic forest for an adventure. There were lots of things to see in the place, and everything one can see are somehow quite alive! Even the ground is alive. Ants, aphids, mites, worms, everything here is alive. Except the rocks of course. Even though the place is majestic, one should still take-care when venturing this place, or end-up lost, scared, and confused. Up to one point in Kurt’s journey however, he finds the most unusual thing and it’s definitely very mysterious.

There was a cute little angel stuck in a cage! Kurt was really dumbfounded for a lot of questions popped in his mind like, what is this creature? Is it real? Where did it come from? Why is it stuck in a cage? And why is there a cage in this untouched area? Many more questions still came-up in his mind but up to this point, Kurt thought of freeing the cute angel so some of his questions might be answered when he does this. What about you escape players? What will you do if you’re faced with the Kurt’s situation? Why not try the game now and let us see how will you solve the game by yourself. Good luck!

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Walkthrough for Cute Little Angel Escape

The video below serves as your guide, and if you're having trouble solving the game, you can watch it then and see things hidden from your line of sight.

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