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Christmas Day Hostage Boy Rescue Game

Christmas Day Hostage Boy Rescue

Christmas Day Hostage Boy Rescue is a daring point and click holiday rescue escape game developed by Wow Escape! Enjoy and be alert on another rescue adventure here through the snow.

It’s Christmas once again in the town and all-overall the world, everything is slowly becoming busier and busier now, and as a detective, John still have a lot of cases to solve even in the holidays. In his hectic schedule, he received another one but this one could be a bit big though and needs to be prioritized. There was a boy who visited the town for the Christmas occasion, and to his unfortunate fate, he got mysteriously kidnapped!

The last place the boy was spotted was in the snowy wilderness which is just near the town, that is where John’s investigation shall start. Will detective John find the boy’s location so he can cook-up a plan to rescue him? Escape players, you are welcome to try the game here with John, use the best of your skills and logic then, for you’re going to need it in-order to stay alert from the unknown kidnappers and to find their victim as well. Good luck then everyone, don’t forget to have lots of fun as well!

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Walkthrough for Christmas Day Hostage Boy Rescue

Escape players, having a hard-time with the game? Watch the video below then, see more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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