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Buggy Operation Theater Escape Game

Buggy Operation Theater Escape

Buggy Operation Theater Escape is an exciting point and click complex escape game developed by Ekey Games! Enjoy more fun escape adventures here in the old surgical hospital.

The operation theater here was once an old orphanage, but because it got bankrupt 10 years ago, the place had been bought and is slowly being converted into a hospital which has a priority of surgical appointments. One day, Miller was sent to the place just to check the place’s structural integrity to see if it is still fit for operation. Miller was like a detective here scanning the walls and the beams, it was standard procedure, but as he climb to a different floor however, something weird happened and now he is lost as well as trapped!

Miller at first noticed that the halls became empty and actually, there was no other persons around. That got him on-edge and as he search for someone as well as a way out of the place, he realized that the exits are now locked! Miller doesn’t know what happened here and why was everyone gone, but there are could be a few things that can explain this occurrence, and Miller knows there’s one. He still has to escape from the place though so he can find some answers then, escape players you are welcome to try the escape adventure with Miller, see if you can escape the operation theater and have fun!



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Walkthrough for Buggy Operation Theater Escape

Are you having a hard-time accomplishing the game? Watch the video below then, spot more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way!

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