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Welcome! You just came by to the corner of Big Escape Games! This one here is another developer who creates more virtual-art, but in some occasions, it has a mix of reality-picture in a few games which you can find. Although this developer is slowly getting established, you might be surprised that this one here is not very old and belongs to the average class in terms of age among the developers. Born in 2014, the age of this producer here pretty much says everything. From their escape genres, you might find adventure escape from the wilderness, and various room escapes which can be interesting sometimes. There are also puzzles involved in their games and of course, every game they have are all point and click interactive through your mouse and your monitor visuals. Now, are we ready to try a few games that can be a bit challenging? We won’t be holding it for long now! Come and try a few from them. As you can see, there are only two which you can find, but hopefully as you go check them out now, you’ll find various and a whole lot more which you can choose. And try the fun and excitement in our site now, New Escape Games! Where all browser fun is given and more to those who seek it.

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