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Annabelle Escape Game

Annabelle Escape

Thank you escape players, for checking this game out for fun! Annabelle Escape is a spooky point and click indoor rescue escape game developed by Ajaz Games for an awesome adventure and a dose of fun right here.

The neighborhood is passing through another occasion of Halloween right now, but the people here are not celebrating, for Halloween in this place is absolutely an unpleasant occasion here. Things are being controlled by ‘it’ and the people living in the entire area must stay indoors or be captured by ‘it’ forever. In the middle of the night though, Bruce noticed something in the neighboring house just nearby. There was a father and his son that lives there, and Bruce personally knows them as his friends. But as Bruce continues to look at their house through his window, both are absolutely screaming and it looks like they’re in-trouble!

Bruce disobeyed the rules of not going-out on this occasion and went to check his friend’s house where there was screaming and such. As he looked around, he came to a conclusion that his friend and his son is now trapped deep in the graveyard near their backyard. What? How did they get there? But even so, they are still in huge trouble there than inside their house. So escape players, will you take Bruce’s situation and decide for him if he’s going to save his friend or not? Good luck then and have fun here.

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Walkthrough for Annabelle Escape

Are you having a hard-time on this rescue attempt? Try the video below then and see some clues that you have missed.

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