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Angel Escape (Games 4 Escape) Game

Angel Escape (Games 4 Escape)

Angel Escape is a daring point and click midnight rescue escape game developed by Games 4 Escape! Enjoy more rescue escapes here in the dead of night through the wilderness.

The village where Danny lives was always peaceful and that’s all thanks to the graceful angel who watches over the people day and night. But when light comes however, darkness would almost always follow and for this situation here, it’s in the form of a wicked witch! And that hag is always plotting against the village, from then on, the angel always manages to push her back. The angel has all the powers to finally destroy the witch, but she believes that she still has the power to change herself for the good. One day, Danny realized something is different in the village and so he investigated, little did he know though that he’ll discover something very serious here.

Danny could not find the angel and he was certain that the divine being is battling with the witch again, and so he approached the dark area and when he did, it suddenly became night! There must be a pretty strong spell here, pretty strong that when he was very close to the witch’s house, he saw that the angel was just captured by the witch! This is definitely not good and Danny knows if he doesn’t do something, then he can kiss his village and the angel goodbye. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure with Danny and see if you can rescue the angel? Good luck then and be very careful of the witch’s rituals.


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Walkthrough for Angel Escape (Games 4 Escape)

Escape players, are you having a hard-time accomplishing the game? Watch the video below then, spot more hidden clues and objects which you might have missed along the way.

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